• Actinyl Duo

    The Physiodermie Actinyl Duo is an alternative treatment for acne prone skin (pimple) without any of the disadvantages resulting from the use of medication.
  • The Physiodermie All Time3 Emulsion is an age defense cream ideal for all skin types, at the first signs of aging. Rich in natural antioxidants and factors that increase the skin’s natural protection, All Time3 Emulsion helps preserve the skin’s youthfulness for longer by fighting the external causes of aging. Prevents premature aging of the skin. Helps the skin fight the visible signs of time and brightens and unifies the complexion. Helps maintain the skin’s natural elasticity and leaves the skin soft and protected. What makes the difference: the Phyto Complex³ has a global impact on the signs of aging. The Squalane balances sebum production and slows down skin aging.
  • The Physiodermie Aloe Cleansing Mousse is a purifying cleansing foam suitable for all skin types. It gently cleanses the skin by removing impurities. It has moisturizing, soothing and refreshing actions with purifying properties. Sulphate free.
  • The Physiodermie Anti-Redness Emulsion is ideal for sensitive skin prone to diffuse redness and irritation. Used for lighting and evening skin tone. Soothing, hydrating and protecting care for redness*-prone skin. Moisturizes and gives a feeling of comfort and softness to skin with a lightweight, yet soothing, hydrating concentrated formula. *redness due to dry skin.
  • The Physiodermie Anti-Redness Micro-Gel is a moisturizer for sensitive skin with redness* soothing properties, reducing redness and discomfort feeling. Intensive soothing and calming care for redness* and skin sensitivity. Its freshening effect helps to relieve the feeling of tension and discomfort associated with acne, rosacea and sensitive skin conditions. *redness due to dry skin.
  • The Physiodermie Bannipil Post-Depilatory Spray is a specially selected formula that slows the hair regrowth process underneath the skin. Normalizes the circulatory activity. Prevents ingrown hair and inhibits the papilla. Weakens the hair bulb, making hair removal easier.
  • The Physiodermie Bi-Molecular Hyaluronic Acid deeply moisturizes the skin* and rovides an immediate and long-lasting firming, smoothing and plumping effect. What makes the difference: High Molecular Weight HA forms a protective film on the skin and moisturizes on the surface. *upper layers of the epidermis.
  • The Physiodermie Bio-Gommage Body Exfoliant and Cleanser (2-in-1) exfoliates dead cells and impurities, thus favoring the natural renewal of the epidermis. Leaves skin fresh and smooth.
  • The Physiodermie Bioarome CEL Sculpting is a concentrated serum that breaks up and eliminates excess fatty deposits (compact cellulite). Its high concentration of slimming ingredients makes it a powerful body sculptor. Fights excess accumulation of fat and cellulite (orange peel).
  • The Physiodermie Bioarome CN Soothing is ideal on all tense areas, painful cellulite, painful legs or feet, neck, sensitive skin etc. Thanks to its exclusive synergy of soothing essential oils and the M.E.I.M.A technology, this gentle treatment serum will help irritated and sensitive skin to feel smoother and more comfortable.
  • The Physiodermie Bioarome DEP Purifying reduces blackheads and open pores aspect. Treatment serum for combination skin prone to blackheads and open pores aspect. Perfect epidermis purifier. Restores a pure, fresh, healthy looking skin.
  • The Physiodermie Bioarome DS Anti-Impurities has a normalizing excessive sebum aspect. Perfect epidermis moisturizer serum for impure, grey skin with pimples or blackheads to restore a healthy complexion.
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